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Research direction

School of Geosciences

Marine Geology

01Marine sedimentology

02Offshore oil and gas resources

03Marine geophysical


01Seismic wave propagation theory

02Reservoir Geophysics

03Integrated geophysical

04Space environment exploration


01 Sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy

02 Structural Geology

03 Geochemistry

04 Paleontology and stratigraphy

05Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology

Measuring Technology and Instruments

01Oil and gas geophysical measurement methods and techniques

02Geophysical information processing technology

03Sensors and detection technology

Surveying Science and Technology

01Geodesy and Survey Engineering

02Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

03Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering

Geological Resources and Geological Engineering

01Petroleum Geology and Exploration

02Geological reservoir development

03Geological Engineering Oil and Gas Field

04Geophysical exploration methods and techniques

05Logging theory, methods and techniques

06Engineering Geophysics

College of Petroleum Engineering

Oil and Gas Well Project

01 Mechanics, Information and Control of oil and gas wells

02 Rock Mechanics and Engineering of oil and gas wells

03 Fluid Mechanics and Engineering of oil and gas wells

04Drilling fluid chemistry and engineering

Oil and Gas Field Development Project

01Oil seepage theory and application

02Oil and gas field development theory and systems engineering

03Oil recovery engineering Theory and Technology

04Enhanced oil recovery and oil chemistry

05Oil and gas development and application of information technology

Offshore Oil and Gas Projects

01 Offshore oil and gas drilling project

02 Hydrate development theory and technology

03 Offshore oil and gas engineering safety and environmental protection

Ships and Marine Structures, Design of Manufacturing

01 Ships and marine structures, and oil and gas equipment design and manufacturing

02 Ocean Engineering Fluid Dynamics

03 Marine Geotechnical Engineering

College of Chemical Engineering

Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

01Engineering Thermal Physics

02Thermal Engineering

03Power Machinery and Engineering

04Fluid Machinery and Engineering

05Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering

06Chemical Process Equipment

07Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology

01Oil and Gas Processing

02Oil and Gas Chemical

03Chemical Engineering

04Materials Chemistry and Engineering

05Biochemistry and Engineering

06Fine Chemicals

07Coal Chemistry and Processing

08New Energy Chemistry and Technology

Biological Chemical



03Oil Biological Engineering

04Enzyme and protein molecular engineering

05Biochemical separation technology

Environmental Science and Engineering

01Environmental pollution control technology

02Environmental Planning and Assessment

03Environmental Biotechnology

04Clean production technology

05Energy saving technology

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

01 Petroleum Mechanical Engineering

02 Mechanical Design and Theory

03 Offshore oil equipment and technology

04 Mechatronic Engineering

05 Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

06 Vehicle Engineering

07 Fluid Power Transmission and Control

08 Unconventional Energy Equipment Technology

09 Industrial Design

Safety Science and Engineering

01Oil and Gas Safety Engineering

02Safety Engineering Information Technology

03Offshore oil and gas safety technology

04Process Safety Engineering

05Risk Analysis and Control

06Industrial Disaster Prevention and Control

07Emergency Technology and Management

08Security Management Project

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

01Oil Industrial Materials Corrosion and Protection

02New technology of Material connecting

03Material failure and Surface Engineering

04Energy and new materials

05Composite Materials and Interface

06Nanomaterials and Microstructure

07Materials Processing and Automation

College of Information and Control Engineering

Electrical Engineering

01 Power Electronics and Power Drives

02 Power System and Automation

03 Electrical Machinery and Apparatus

04 Electrical Theory and New Technology

05 High Voltage and Insulation

Information and Communication Engineering

01Intelligent Information Processing

02Signal detection and processing

Control Science and Engineering

01 Control Theory and Control Engineering

02 Detection Technology and Automation

03 Systems Engineering

04Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems

College of Pipeline and Civil Engineering

Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

01 Long-distance oil and gas pipeline technology

02Multiphase flow and oil and gas gathering and transportation technology

03Oil storage technology

04Gas Storage and Transportation Systems Security Engineering


01Structural strength and reliability

02Multi-physics coupling theory and numerical methods

03Underground oil and gas fields of engineering mechanics

Civil Engineering

01Structural Engineering

02Geotechnical Engineering

03Disaster Mitigation and Protection Engineering

04Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering

Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

01 Engineering Thermal Physics

02 Thermal Engineering

03 Power Machinery and Engineering

04 Fluid Machinery and Engineering

05 Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering

College of Computer and Communication Engineering

Information and Communication Engineering

01Next-generation communications network theory and technology

02Wireless communication systems and technology

03Intelligent Information Processing

04Signal detection and processing

College of Computer and Communication Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

01Intelligent Control Technology

02High Performance Computing

03Embedded Systems

04Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence

05WEB intelligence and natural language understanding

06Computer network

07Databases and information systems

08Computer Graphics and Image Processing

Software Engineering

01Theoretical calculation software and services

02Software Quality Engineering

03 Embedded Software Engineering

04Semantic Web and Web Technology

05Data Mining and Intelligent Information Processing

06Network and Information Security

07Virtual reality simulation and visualization technologies

08Pattern Recognition and Image Processing

School of Economics and Management

Management Science and Engineering

01Management Science Theory and Application

02Engineering Management and Project Management

03Information Systems and Decision

04Logistics Management

05Energy Economics and Management

Business Administration

01Operation and Strategic Management

02Human Resource Management

03Corporate Governance and Operations


05Industrial project economic evaluation

06Investment Theory and Application


01Financial Accounting Theory and Practice

02Cost Management Accounting Theory and Practice

03Financial Management Theory and Practice

04Auditing theory and practice

05Tax Theory and Planning

Applied Economics

01Economy and Regional Development Industry

02Energy Industrial Economics and Management

03International oil cooperation

04International Economic and Trade

05Corporate Finance

06Financial Markets and Investment

07Bank Management and Administration


01Public Administration Theory and Practice

02Theory and Practice of Public Policy

03Public Organization and Human Resources Development

College of Science


01Basic Mathematics

02Computational Mathematics

03Applied Mathematics

04Research and Cybernetics

05Statistics and Financial Mathematics

College of Science


01Theoretical Physics

02Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics

03Condensed Matter Physics

04Electromagnetic Theory and Application Technology

05Physical detection methods and techniques

06Reservoir physics theories and techniques


01Inorganic Chemistry

02Analytical Chemistry

03Organic Chemistry

04Physical Chemistry

05Materials Chemistry and Physics

06Chemical Biology


01Applied Statistics

02Parallel statistics

03Random network

04Stochastic Differential Equations

05Machine Learning and Data Mining

Optical Engineering

01Optical Sensing and photoelectric detection technology

02Laser and Spectroscopy

03Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

04Modern optical information processing technology

Materials Science and Engineering

01Oil Industrial Materials Corrosion and Protection

02Energy and new materials

03Composite Materials and Interface

04Polymer Materials

05Multiscale simulation of materials and molecular design

06Nanomaterials and Microstructure

College of Liberal Arts


01Constitutional and Administrative Law

02Civil and Commercial Law

03Economic Law

04Criminal Law

Ancient Chinese Literature

01Ancient Literature and Culture

02Ancient Literature Review

Foreign Language and Literature

01English Linguistics

02Foreign Language Teaching and Research

03English Translation Theory and Practice

04English and American Literature

05Russian Literature

06Russian linguistics

07Russian Translation Theory and Practice

School of Marxism Studies


01Marxist Philosophy and Chinese society

02Contemporary Ethics of China

03Modern Chinese Philosophy Research

04Science, technology, engineering philosophical questions

School of Marxism Studies

Political Science

01Party and Party building history

02International Politics and International Relations

03Contemporary Chinese Social Change and Governance

Marxist Theory

01Chinese Marxism and modernization

02Ideological and political education research

03On the Basic Problems of Modern Chinese History

Higher Education

01Higher Education Management

02Mental health education

03Adult Higher Education

Department of Physical Education


01 Humanities and sociology

02 Physical Education and Training

03National Traditional Sports and Health

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