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Required Materials

Verifying Items

Required Materials



Scanned copy of Degree

If Degree is lost, applicants can provide a scanned copy of a certifying certificate of Loss. Applicants that do not have a Graduation Certificate can alternatively provide a Completion Certificate.

Scanned copy of Graduation Certificate


Chinese Verification Report

Scanned copy of Chinese Transcript

Students that have not completed study should scan transcripts and studentship statements (e.g. Studying Certificate, Incompletion Certificate, Completion Certificate, Suspension Certificate). Existing students could have the verification process accelerated if providing the User Name and Password of the University Academic Affairs System.

English Verification Report

Scanned copy of Chinese Transcript

Graduates should scan transcripts and Graduation Certificate

Scanned copy of English Transcript

If applicants cannot provide English transcripts, CQV can provide translation service.

Studying Certificate

Scanned copy of Studying Certificate

Scanned copy of Student ID/Admission Notice

Professional Qualifications Certificate

Scanned copy of Professional Qualifications Certificate

How to apply for credential verification

       1.Log on CQV website at “”, and click the blue button “enter into the new application system”.

       2.Use your email address to create an account and click the blue button to sign in.

       3.Fill in the Application Form as required. Then attach electronic supporting documents to your application webpage. The information cannot be changed once you submit.

       4.After submitting your application and payment, you will get an application number. With the registered email address and the password, you can track your verification status.


One application number is only available for one applicant. However, with one application number you can apply for as many credential verifications as you need.

Price & Payment

1. Price 

Our service pricing is set in accordance with the price standards approved by the government.

Verification Report of Certificate—260 CNY/each

Verification Report of Transcript—360 CNY /each

Extra copy of Verification Report—50 CNY /each

Translation of Certificate—150 CNY /each

Translation of Transcript—300 CNY /each

Rush service—extra payment of 200 CNY /each


1. Rush service shall be finished within 5 working days. All Applicants are not available to rush service and thus should confirm whether they can apply with Verification Department through 86-10-8237-9480.

2. We don’t provide Chinese version of verification reports for high school transcript, secondary vocational school transcript, Huikao or Gaokao transcript.

3. Courier fee is charged in accordance with EMS pricing.

4. The total price will be automatically calculated when applicants finish their online application. 


Applicants should pay for the service fee through When log on our online application webpage and sign in with your application number and password, you will find the “payment” button at the bottom of the webpage. Click the button and it will automatically turn to webpage. Both debit card and credit card are accepted. For credit cards, only Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Please follow the instructions of

For more information, please visit China Qualification Verification (CQV) of Ministry of Education, China.

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