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For more details, please visit our VIRTUAL CAMPUS (“虚拟校园”).

Create the sun: When you enter the campus from the south gate, the first landmark comes into sight is “Create the Sun”—the symbol of UPC, where rich meanings exist deep inside: the ball stands for the sun, the rod stands for the sunshine, and the long tube is oil pipeline. Holding books high and guiding students to climb to the top of science, the lady is standing on the base which looks like a drilling platform. The statue symbolizes energy development and people who are engaged in higher education.

Stone of School credo: The Stone of School credo catches our eyes near the north gate, which always reminds us to remember our history and spirit of UPC.

Gym: The gymnasium has become a light spot which looks like a doctorial cap through a bird view and is nicknamed “Little Nest” by students. Many important competitions and award ceremonies have been hold here as the biggest gym in Huangdao.

Teaching buildings:There are 2 teaching buildings on campus with a capacity of over 20000 seats.

Library:The first floor is stack of art, the second floor is stack of social sciences. The third floor is stack of Science and Technology, the fourth floor is reading room of professional periodicals, and the fifth floor is Study Room.

Open time: 8:30—11:30, 14:00—17:00(closed on Friday afternoon), 17:00—22:00

Engineering Buildings: All the engineering colleges sit in 5 engineering buildings numbered as A, B, C, D and E. A belongs to College of Chemical Engineering, B belongs to School of Petroleum Engineering, C belongs to School of Geosciences and D belongs to College of Pipeline and Civil Engineering. College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, College of Information and Control Engineering, and College of Computer and Communication Engineering share the building E.

Arts and Science Building:College of Science, College of Arts and School of Marxism Studies sit in this building.

Yifu Building: It functions as laboratory building and conference center, where most of the important meetings and lectures are held here.

Administration building: The university presidents and administration divisions sit inside this building.

Multi-media classroom: Computers are available inside. Please swipe your student card to start the computer. It costs 0.8 Yuan per hour. Open time 8:00-12:00, 14:00-22:00.

Services for entertainment and daily life:

Apartment No.13: Barbershop and eyeglasses shop.

Apartment No.14: Laundry and clothes amendment.

Apartment No.15: Print service, supermarket, ticket service, Stationery Store.

Apartment No.17: poster making and printing shops, photo taking and printing, digital gadgets.

Apartment No.18: ATM of Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China.

Playground: courts of football, tennis, volleyball, basketball; table tennis court is under apartment No. 11.

University Hospital is to the west of Apartment No. 11.

Students Counseling Service: Students Counseling Service in Chinese is provided by the University Students Affairs Office in working day. Students are required to make appointments in ahead. Drop-in is also available, but waiting might be expected when the registered counselors are busy at the moment. Counseling service in English is under construction for lack of English speaking counselors at present. Please feel free to talk to the teachers in the Students Affairs Office of CIE (Room 201, International Students Dormitory) when students require help.

Appointment Telephone: 86981525
Drop in office: Room 313, University Students Affairs Office (3rd Floor of the University Hospital, entrance through the south door)
Drop in time: 8:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00, 19:00-21:00

Magnolia Drop-in Center: Post office and campus card center are on first floor; student innovation center is on second floor; and a multi-function room is on fourth floor.

Dining Hall: There are 4 dining halls - Magnolia, Huicui, Tangdaowan and Xueyuan - and 2 Muslim dinging halls with a total capacity of 20000 seats. One muslim restaurant is on the 2nd floor of Tangdaowan Dining Hall and the other one -International Dining Hall- is on the 4th floor of Xueyuan Dining Hall. Private rooms in various sizes are available in Magnolia and Xueyuan and buffet is only available in Xueyuan Dining Hall.

Campus Card

New students shall apply to the Student Affairs Office of CIE for the Campus Card, “一卡通(Yi ka tong)” in Chinese. The Campus Card is known as Student ID, extensively used on campus, such as library, dining halls, university hospital, groceries and fruits stores. Apart from it, “Yi ka tong” can also be used in user account login of some computer-based courses, and as an entrance key to some buildings. The card is also identification for campus wire broadband or WIFI connections.

Sport Courts and Gym

The university owns a variety of outdoor courts of basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, and a modern multifunctional gym with indoor courts of basketball, badminton and ping-pang, yoga and dancing rooms. The use of University sport courts and gym is open to all UPC students, faculties, and the public. Students shall pay for themselves when using outdoor courts, rooms and facilities in the gym. There are sports contests, social events, concerts and performances held in the gym frequently. Tickets are open to all UPC students, faculties, and the public.


Other Services

You can find a bunch of groceries and fruits stores, bookstore, hair salons, eyeglasses store, and school souvenir shop on campus. ATMs, Post Office and bicycle repair service are right at hand on campus for you. There are business halls of China’s cellphone telecommunication companies available on campus: China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom. Students could buy SIM card or recharge the phone there or in some groceries.


Students Societies and Clubs

International students enrolled at CIE automatically become members of UPC Student Association and UPC Graduate Student Association. There exist more than 130 student societies and clubs, which usually recruit new members every September. Campus bulletin boards are filled with forthcoming student activities and cultural events. International students are encouraged to join any societies that they are interested in and to participate in colorful campus activities and make their own voice.

International students can also start their own societies or clubs. In doing so, they shall submit a formal written application to the University for approval. The societies or clubs must abide by the Chinese laws and the University regulations.


UPC Chinese & Foreign Students Fraternity (CFSF) is a student society organized by Student Affairs Office of CIE. CFSF aims to bridge foreign and home students, make language and cultural exchange, and assist Student Affairs Office.



In order to ensure proper management of International students’ affairs in China University of Petroleum (East China), the International Students’ Union (ISU) was formed. In the ISU structure, the Chairman leads and supervises 6 departments with the help of 2 Vice Chairmen while the General Secretary maintains records of activities and conducts meetings, and the Advisor to Chairman takes on the advisory role. The departments include Rules and Regulations department, Communications department, Education department, Event Management department, Sports department, and Music and Arts department. ISU solves welfare issues of International students by acting as bridge between College of International Education and International students, and fulfills its purpose of formation by ensuring development of International students, help them and organize activities for the betterment of International students.

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