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College of International Education Held New Term Work Meeting

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College of International Education Held New Term Work Meeting

       March 24, 2015, College of International Education held new term work meeting. Dean Luan Fengchi, Vice dean Zhang Zhiying and all teachers joined the meeting.

Meeting includes three parts. The first part, every leader of offices did a report of work plan of first half year of 2015 of admission, college work, students affairs work, Chinese language education and visa work.

The second part, first of all, Vice Dean Zhang Zhiying conveyed the spirit of Secretary Liu Ke and President Shan Honghong, which said at the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan our college should not only made a good conclusion, but also made the good 13th Five-Year Plan. In the meanwhile of increasing the number of International students, increased the quality. Then Vice Dean Zhang Zhiying explained the school undergraduate review evaluation task process and the personal work decomposition and the emphasis on the importance of job of undergraduate course assessment.

  The third part, Dean Luan Fengchi made the conclusion of college work of 2014, and made deployment of 2015.In 2014, with the principle of “explore scale, optimize the structure, standard management, quality assurance College got the honorary of Advanced unit of foreign students of studying in China.

In Admission part, in 2014, the scale kept increasing, until now, our college had 972 international students from 78 countries. In 2015, College need to explore the admission channel and increase the quality.

In teaching affairs part, in 2014, standard has managed and the quality of students increased. College opened preparatory course to strengthen basic knowledge learning. In 2015, refer to similar foreign materials to write out materials to suit for our international students.

In the students’ affairs part, College opened morality and law class. College also built International students union to manage by themselves. Meanwhile, college organized various activities and got praise of the society. In 2015, college will do more for students and strengthen psychological guidance, focus on students’ physical and mental health.

In 2014, college have made many achievements in exchanges and cooperation, and has won many awards. In 2015, college will motivate teachers to do more scientific research achievements.

In team building and internal management, college strengthened standardization management and the construction of the style. In 2015, the college will strengthen the construction of the courtyard wind, strengthen the system construction, and strengthen the team construction, enthusiastic service, strict management.

Finally, Dean Luan Fengchi pointed out that in the New Year, new semester, college would struggle together, and try to build college into a high degree of internationalization, the domestic first-class high level international education college, and make contributions to speed up the internationalization of higher education school.

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