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Notice only for Chinese government scholarship students about increasing monthly allowance

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Chinese government scholarship students,

Your monthly allowance will be increased from this semester. Bachelor’s monthly allowance will be increased to 3000RMB/month. Postgraduate students’ monthly allowance will be increased to 3600RMB/month. PhD students’ monthly allowance will be increased to 4200RMB/month. Just like before, you will get money in 10 months every year, and no money sent in February and August.

Because this new standard applies from September 2014, so you will get the increased monthly allowance retroactively in March. Therefore, the actual money you will get in March is:

Bachelor’s:  3000+3000-1680*5=9600RMB/Month

Postgraduate students’: 3600+3600-2040*5=11400RMB/Month

PhD students’: 4200+4200-2400*5=13200 RMB/Month

Besides, the one-time settlement fee for new students, annual outpatient fee, textbook fee, etc. will not be paid from this semester.

For this scholarship adjustment, there are several university approval processes to be finished, which usually take time, so you will get money around 16th —18th in this month. Sorry about this, please understand and hold on. Meanwhile, please check your bank card, if you lose it or it cannot work, you shall make a new one and register in office 201 no later than Mar. 9th.

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