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Important notice for the upcoming semester

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1. In the beginning of new semester, international students must return to school on time according to the registration date (Sep.4th, 2016). Anyone who were late would be deducted 2 points every day. So students who were late over 5 days would be expelled. If students cannot return to school for medical reasons, they must ask for leave in Student Affairs Office before registration date, with showing doctor’s note or any other hospital certificate.  Student Affairs Office: Room 201    Tel: 0532-86981271

Attention please, health problem is the only reason acceptable for being late. Students must show hospital certificates when asking for sick leave.

2. The deadline for paying fees in the upcoming semester is Sep. 20th, 2016. Students must pay one year tuition and insurance fee before the deadline. We inform everyone 92 days in advance, so please get the fees ready before deadline.

3. Students who will have 5 points or above accumulatively deducted since Sep. 1st, 2016, shall pay 10,000RMB Security Deposit to continue studying in UPC. This rule comes into effect from Sep. 1st, 2016. Those who fail to pay Security Deposit will be recognized as drop out of school automatically.

Students Affairs Office

June 20, 2016

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