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The Fifth Chinese Speech Contest was rounded off

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On the evening of November 15th, the Chinese Speech Contest held by the International Education Institute and undertook by Chinese and Foreign Students' Union was rounded off in the west ring 301. It was a great honor to have our teachers, Li Guanlin, Qi Weihua,Luan Zhu, Ren Gengtian, Gai Chao,presented this contest.

       Among the two groups, there were 16 participants from 11 countries reached the final. Being divided into A group and B group, the participants delivered their excellent speeches and talent show one by one Chinese and foreign students also sang songs at breaks and a little quiz made the atmosphere lively. At the end of the contest, teachers presented the prizes to the participants. Sun Jian and Fu Qiang, from Cameroon, won the first prize. Abudu, Li Guangfu, Yang Junxi, Nigulasi won the second prize. Ma Tianyou, Sha Weishi, Li Fuyuan, Chen Ji, Sai Di, Sa Sha won the third prize. And Pan Meimei, Yi Silan, Sa Mu, Wang Yang also won prizes for their excellent performance. 

       This contest gave the chance of practicing Chinese and learning Chinese culture to foreign students, enhanced the contact between Chinese students and foreign students.


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