Doctoral Programs



Research direction

College of Earth Science and Technology


01 Geochemistry

02 Sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy

03 Reservoir Geology

04 Regional and tectonics

05 Structural analysis of oil and gas area

06 Paleontology and stratigraphy

Geological Resources and Geological Engineering

01 Oil and gas exploration theory, methods and techniques

02 Geological reservoir development

03 Geophysical theory, methods and applications

04 Logging theory, methods and techniques

05 Geological Engineering Oil and Gas Field

Computer Technology and Resources Information Engineering

01 Geological resources and digital information processing theory and technology

02 Theory and technology of digital ocean

03 Space navigation and positioning theory and application

04 Computer Graphics and Image Processing

05 Wellbore information visualization theory and methods

College of Petroleum Engineering

Oil and Gas Well Engineering

01 Underground systems, Information and Control Engineering

02 Rock Mechanics and Engineering of oil and gas wells

03 Fluid Mechanics and Engineering of oil and gas wells

04 Chemical and Engineering of oil and gas wells

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

01 Oil seepage theory and application

02 Oil and gas field development theory and systems engineering

03 Oil recovery engineering Theory and Technology

04 Enhanced oil recovery and oil chemistry

College of Chemical Engineering

Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

01 Engineering Thermal Physics

02 Thermal Engineering

03 Power Machinery and Engineering

04 Fluid Machinery and Engineering

05 Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering

06 Chemical Process Equipment

07 Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering

College of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology

01 Oil and Gas Processing

02 Oil and Gas Chemical

03 Chemical Engineering

04 Environmental Chemical

05 Materials Chemistry and Engineering

06 Fine Chemicals

07 Biochemistry and Engineering

08 New Energy Chemistry and Technology

09 Coal Chemistry and Processing

Environmental Chemical

01"Three wastes" treatment and recycling technology

02 Environmental catalysis

03 Oil environmental ecology

04 Green production technology

05 Energy and Environmental Chemistry

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

01 Petroleum Mechanical Engineering

02 Mechanical Design and Theory

03 Offshore oil equipment

04 Mechatronic Engineering

05 Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

06 Vehicle Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

01 Oil Industrial Materials Corrosion and Protection

02 New technology of Material connecting

03 Material failure and Surface Engineering

04 Energy and new materials

05 Composite Materials and Interface

06 Polymer Materials

07 Multiscale simulation of materials and molecular design

08 Nanomaterials and Microstructure

Safety Science and Engineering

01 Oil and Gas Safety Engineering

02 Safety Engineering Information Technology

03 Offshore oil and gas safety technology

04 Process Safety Engineering

05 Risk Analysis and Control

06 Industrial Disaster Prevention and Control

07 Emergency Technology and Management

08 Security Management Engineering

College of Information and Control Engineering

Control Theory and Control Engineering

01 Control Theory & Applications

02 Advanced control and optimization of complex systems

03 Troubleshooting and Intelligent Information Processing

College of

Pipeline and Civil Engineering


01 Structural strength and reliability

02 Oil and Gas Engineering Mechanics

03 Petrochemical equipment safety evaluation

04 Environmental Mechanics

Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

01 Engineering Thermal Physics

02 Thermal Engineering

03 Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering

Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

01 Long-distance oil and gas pipeline technology

02 Multiphase flow and oil and gas gathering and transportation technology

03 Oil storage technology

04 Gas Storage and Transportation Systems Security Engineering

College of Economics and Management

Management Science and Engineering

01 Management Science Theory and Application

02 Energy Economics and Management

03 Engineering Management and Project Management

04 IT and management changes

05 Marketing and Strategic Management

06 Supply Chain and Logistics Management

07 Financial Analysis and Decision

08 Human Resource Management

College of Science


01 Inorganic Chemistry

02 Analytical Chemistry

03 Organic Chemistry

04 Physical Chemistry

05 Materials Chemistry and Physics

06 Chemical Biology

Materials Science and Engineering

01 Oil Industrial Materials Corrosion and Protection

02 Energy and new materials

03 Polymer Materials

04 Multiscale simulation of materials and molecular design05 Nanomaterials and Microstructure

College of Marxism

Studies of Marxism in China

01 Research of the historical process,  Basic experience and law of Marxism in China

02 Theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics

03 Marxism in China era of the popular research