1. Enrollment Regulations


1. Admitted applicants shall register at UPC before the deadline stated in the Notification of Admission. If you cannot register in due time, you must inform UPC AT LEAST TWO WEEKS prior to the start of the semester to obtain an official permission. If you did not register accordingly, we wouldl assume that you had decided not to study in the program and our offer would be automatically withdrawn.

2. Admitted students shall bring the following documents for registration:

1) Valid Passport

2) X1/X2 Visa

3) Original Admission Notification

4) Original JW201/JW202

5) Completed Foreigner Physical Examination Form

6) 8 photos (3cm×4cm)

7) All the fees for the First Academic Year

3. Admitted students MUST register at UPC WITHIN 24 HOURS after arriving in China. If you CANNOT register in due time, you MUST register at the hotel or the nearest police office where you will temporarily stay. Otherwise, you could be fined according to the law.

4. Admitted students are required to pay all the cost of attendance for an academic year (study period) by one payment on registration.

5. All admitted students are required to lodge in international student dormitory for the first academic year. Beds are arranged in the order: CSC scholarship students, unconditional offer students, conditional offer students. Female new students enjoy the privilege to live on campus. Living off-campus is only allowed when the dormitory was full. Students pay the accommodation fee and deposit at the dormitory coordinator. Freshmen shall apply for residence permit by the receipts of the accommodation fee and cost of attendance. The sophomore and the senior students who live on campus shall apply for residence permit by the receipts of the accommodation fee and cost of attendance and who live off campus by house rental contract and receipts of cost of attendance.

6. Registration: on the second floor in international students building

In registration, admitted students shall go to Admission Office (Room A0205) to get the registration procedure form at first, and then go through the procedures step by step as form shows to finish the registration.