2. Interim Regulations for Undergraduates

Chapter I Admissions and Registration

Clause 1 New students are required to bring in their Admission Notice and Student Visa Application Form (JW201/JW202) and register in the College of International Education by the date specified on the Admission Notice. Tuition and accommodation fees shall be paid upon registration. Students that cannot register in due time must inform CIE and ask for leave by providing the corresponding statement or proof letter. The maximum period of leave is two weeks. Students that leave for over two weeks or do not ask for leave during registration will be considered as Voluntary Withdrawal from Studies, excluding the students affected by Force Majeure.

Clause 2 Existing students are required to register in CIE in the first week of new semesters. Students who have overdue fees or do not meet the registration requirements are not allowed for registration. Those who cannot register in due time must apply for a Delayed Registration, and would otherwise be considered as Absence from Class. Existing students who miss the registration for up to 4 weeks without the consent of CIE would be regarded as as Voluntary Withdrawal from Studies.

Chapter II Mode and Duration of Study

Clause 3 In general, the duration of study is 4 years for international undergraduate students. The period of suspension of studies will also be counted into the duration of study. Students can have a maximum of 2 years extension in addition to the regular duration of study of their major, and could otherwise not be registered in CIE. Students who need to extend their study shall make an application to the University for approval. Successful applicants should pay 80% of the regular tuition and the full accommodation fees during the extension. Early Graduation (one year maximum) is available for students who complete all the courses and credits ahead of the prescribed program scheme.

Chapter III Student Disciplines and Attendance

Clause 4 Students must abide by the Chinese laws and codes and the University regulations and rules. The University will take disciplinary action against students who breach the regulations and rules in accordance with the UPC International Student Conduct Code: Sanction.

Clause 5 Students shall attend all the required class, laboratory experiments, fieldwork, etc. prescribed in the teaching scheme, as well as activities and events organized by the University. If students cannot attend class for medical or other extenuating reasons, they must ask for leave from CIE and their course teachers, and go through Temporary Leave procedures. Returning students are required to report in CIE. Those who cannot return in due time shall apply for an extension of leave and provide relevant statements or certifications to CIE. Otherwise, they would be taken as Absence from Class.

Clause 6 Registered students shall participate in required activities and events organized by the University and CIE. Those who are absent without any notice will receive penalties according to the circumstances.

Clause 7 International students have the same public holidays, winter and summer vacations as Chinese students. The University does not arrange holidays in any form for festivals and celebrations of students’ home countries.

Chapter IV Course Assessment and Student Score Reports

Clause 8 Students are required to take examinations or assessments of all courses and internships prescribed in their teaching scheme, and earn credits accordingly. Scores and credits will be recorded into the UPC International Students Score Report. Students under the following cases are not allowed to take the final examinations or assessments of some courses:

1.Those who are absent for over 1/3 of the total teaching hours of the courses.

2.Those who have up to 1/3 of the total course assignments missing or plagiarized. Late or supplementary assignments are also counted as missing.

3.Those who have over 1/3 laboratory tasks or reports missing or failed.

4.Those who attend selective or restudy courses without going through the application procedures.

5.Those who cannot resume their study for some reasons.

Clause 9 The entire course assessment and grading is mainly judged on the results of final examinations, and partly on daily performance, including mid-term examinations, tutorials, laboratory, assignments, exercise, attendance and so forth. Scores are recorded in percentage (60 means Pass), or as descriptors (Excellent; Good; Fair; Pass but poor; Fail). Students with a 60/Pass and above can gain the course credits. Course teachers will inform students of the specific course assessment and grading at the beginning of semesters.

Clause 10 PE is a selective course. It is students’ free choice to take it or not.

Clause 11 Students that cannot take examinations and assessments for medical reasons (Doctor’s Note required) or extenuating reasons shall apply for delayed examinations with the consent of CIE. In principle, students are only allowed to take the examinations of the same course in the following semester or year. Students are required to take the course again if they fail the delayed examinations.

Clause 12 Students that pass examinations but are dissatisfied with their scores can resit the examinations of the same courses in the following year. The higher score will be recorded accordingly. The examination fees will be charged to students.
Clause 13 Students that fail obtaining course credits are allowed to restudy the courses. Students that fail practical sessions are required to restudy the sessions, including laboratory, internship, and research project (paper), etc. Students that are dissatisfied with their performance in examinations or assessments can apply to restudy the courses or practical sessions.

1.Students repeating courses or practical sessions shall attend the regular classes with the students of the lower grade in the following year, and fulfill the required assignments, laboratory, internship and so forth. Students must apply for attendance exemption to course teachers if the repeating courses conflicts with other courses, and could otherwise be excluded from the final assessments by course teachers. Students repeating practical sessions should participate during the entire sessions together with the same or relevant major students of the lower grade.

2.CIE can set up a class specially for repeating students if there reaches a considerable amount of them.

3.Applicants should go through the course repeating procedure in CIE at the first two weeks of new semesters, and would otherwise lose chance of repeating the courses.

4.There is no limit to times that students can repeat courses. Students shall go through the required procedure each time they repeat courses.

5.The use of Repeating Card is valid only within the applying semester.

Clause 14 Students will receive a “0” in their UPC International Students Score Report if Absence from Exam or Cheating happens. “Absence from Exam” or “Cheating” will be noted in the report accordingly.

Clause 15 Students in credit-recognized cross-university programs can have their credits from another university recognized and transferred with the consent of UPC.

Chapter V Student Transfers

Clause 15 Students are eligible to transfer under any of the following circumstances.

1. Students who show great talent or stand out in a particular field, and are likely to develop their strength in the intended major.

2. Students who are diagnosed by the university entrusted medical institutions with diseases or learning difficulties that can hinder their study in the current major.

3. Students who cannot continue their study in the current major for extenuating reasons.

4. Students who insist that they should greatly develop themselves and eventually get good jobs in the target major/field in light of market demand.

Clause 16 Students are ineligible to transfer under any of the following circumstances.

1. Students who are companies/institutions-sponsored and major-oriented.

2. Students who have transferred once.

3. Students who miss a considerable amount of course credits and do not study hard.

4. Students who are in face of a Permanent Suspension of Studies.

5. Students who are under a Temporary Suspension of Studies, or whose student status is kept temporarily.

Clause 17 Students shall submit an official application to CIE before the end of their first academic year, and complete the International Students Transfer Application Form at UPC. Applicants will not be transferred into the intended major without the approval of CIE. For Government Scholarship students that wish to transfer into other institutions or other majors at UPC, CIE will submit their request in written form to the China Scholarship Council for review and approval. In principle, applicants could transfer majors within the same field or from science/engineering to liberal arts, but not from liberal arts to science.

Clause 18 Transfer students must earn all the prescribed course credits of the target major in order to graduate successfully. The credits obtained from the original major can be accepted as the required or optional course credits of the target major, depending on the course similarity and the degree requirements.

Chapter VI Temporary Suspension of Studies and Resumption of Studies

Clause 19 Students are eligible to take a Temporary Suspension of Studies under any of the following circumstances.

1. Students who are diagnosed by the university hospital or the hospitals entrusted by UPC with the illness that will consume more than 6 weeks or 1/3 of the total course hours in one semester for medical treatment. Students suffering from contagious diseases (e.g. hepatitis, phthisis) are required to take a Temporary Suspension of Studies.(up to 2 years at most)

2. Students who ask for leave for over 1/3 of the total course hours or for 6 weeks in one semester.

3. Students who request Temporary Suspension of Studies with extenuating reasons, or who is decided to take it by the university.

Clause 20 Applicants shall complete the Application Form of Temporary Suspension of Studies for International Students at UPC, and submit it together with other required documents to CIE for approval. For Government Scholarship students, their application will be submitted in written form by CIE for review and approval from China Scholarship Council. Successful applicants are required to go through the required school-leaving procedures of CIE, and obtain a Temporary Suspension of Studies Certification.

Clause 21 The maximum period of temporary suspension is two years, excluding military service. If students suspend their study before the end of a semester, the current semester will be counted into the suspension period. Suspended students are not allowed to live on campus, attend class or tests, or resume study for any reasons before the expiration date of suspension. The students who do not resume study by the designated date are to be considered as Permanent Suspension of Studies. Each student can take a Temporary Suspension of Studies once only.

Clause 22 In principle, students under suspension should return to their home countries and pay for their own travel and medical expenses. For scholarship students, their living allowance will be suspended during their leave.

Clause 23 Self-sponsored students under suspension should apply for Resumption to the CIE one month in prior to the return date, and collect the Application Form of Resumption of Studies for International Students at UPC. Students under suspension for medical reasons are required to take a physical examination in the university hospital before making a Resumption application. Suspended students cannot resume their study without an official consent of CIE. Government Scholarship students shall make an application of Resumption to CIE, their home country embassy in China and the China Scholarship Council 3 months in advance. In principle, students that resume their study will be assigned into the lower grade of the same major. If the University stops enrollment of the original majors of those students, they can study in a relevant major with the consent of CIE.

Chapter VII Permanent Suspension of Studies

Clause 24 International students shall receive a Permanent Suspension of Studies under the following circumstances.

1.Voluntary Withdrawal;

2.Students who owe up to 2/3 of the required total course credits in the prescribed teaching scheme by the end of an academic year. In addition, those who obtain less than 1/2 but more than 1/3 credits will be degraded from their study.

3.Students who do not comply with the Resumption formalities in due time after Temporary Suspension of Studies;

4.Students who does not pass the physical examination of the Resumption procedures after Temporary Suspension of Studies;

5.Students who are diagnosed as having mental diseases, epilepsy, leprosy and the sort, which can seriously affect their study;

6.Students who are unable to carry on regular study due to injuries or disabilities;

7.Students who are considered severely breaching the university rules and regulations;

8.Students who do not register in the due time without extenuating reasons;

9.Students who violate the Chinese laws and receive penalties such as detention or worse by Chinese judicial authorities.

Clause 25 International students will terminate their student status under the following circumstances.

1.  Students who voluntarily withdraw from studies without any formal application;

2.  Students who do not pay tuition fees.

3.  Students who are absent from class up to 50 teaching hours each semester.

Clause 26 Applicants or CIE shall submit a written report to the University for review and approval. If approved, CIE will cancel the Residence Permit of the applicants.

Clause 27 Students under Permanent Suspension of Studies cannot apply for Resumption.

Clause 28 The University will not refund students who terminate their student status, or who are under expulsion or Permanent Suspension of Studies.

Clause 29 Students under Permanent Suspension of Studies should complete all the required procedures before leaving, such as the campus ID and visa affairs.

Chapter VIII Completion, Graduation and Incompletion

Clause 30 The University confers a Certificate of Graduation to students who complete all the courses in the prescribed teaching scheme and supplementary scheme, and meet the requirements of graduation within the duration of study. The University confers a Bachelor’s Degree to students that meet the requirements of China University of Petroleum (East China) Degree Conferment Scheme for International Students.

Clause 31 Students who owe a maximum of 15 course credits can apply for a Certificate of Completion, which shall be approved by CIE. Providing students of the above case make up the missing courses or credits within one year after graduation, they will receive a Certificate of Graduation, and also a Bachelor’s Degree if they further meet the requirements of the UPC Degree Conferment Scheme. Otherwise, they would be regarded as Permanent Completion, receiving a Certificate of Completion only. In terms of assessments for the aforementioned students, they will not be set different examinations but take the same final examinations with regular students.

Clause 32 Students who withdraw after one academic year’s study can receive a Certificate of Incompletion. The University will not issue it to those who do not complete school-leaving procedures. Bachelor’s Degree, Certificate of Graduation and Certificate of Incompletion are all granted once only.

Clause 33 Students who lose their Certificate of Graduation can apply for a replacement certificate from the University, which is equally valid and legitimate as the original.

Clause 34 Students who hope to take an extension of study must go through the required procedures a minimum of 3 months in prior to the graduation. As for Chinese Government Scholarship students, their application for extension will be submitted in written form by CIE for the official approval of the China Scholarship Council. Successful applicants will have their scholarship scheme extended accordingly. Self-sponsored students must pay tuition fees for the extended period if they apply for study extension due to personal reasons. The above fees can be exempted if the extension is caused by schedule changes of the University.

Clause 35 Students must take the school-leaving procedures soon after their completion of studies, and terminate their student status. The University will not extend the Residence Permit for them any more. International students are required to leave UPC within 15 days after graduation.

Chapter IX Supplementary Clauses

Clause 36 These general regulations apply to all full-time undergraduate international students.

Clause 37 These general regulations take effect from the date of issue. CIE reserves the right to make final interpretation of these regulations.

Supplementary Training Program for Undergraduate of CIE


1. Bachelor students are required to get 10 credits. It is necessary for graduation.

2. The number of credits, according to the supplementary training program, will serve as an important reference basis for assessment of excellent collectives and individuals.

3. If a prize or activities meet more than one points in this table at the same time, the highest score is counted only.

4. CIE reserves the right to the final interpretation of the above terms.