4. Regulations for Language Students

The following interim regulation is formulated to standardize the management of international students majoring in Chinese Language and ensure the quality of teaching..

Clause 1  Registration

International students should carry the “Letter of Admission for China University of Petroleum” and go through registration in the College before scheduled date, then pay for the tuition fee accordingly.

Clause 2  Education Management

1. After student registration, the College of International Education (referred to as CIE hereafter) will arrange for Chinese Language capability test and then conduct teaching according to their language level.

2. The first week is set as trial week. Students have one chance to apply for level adjustment during the trial week. Students need to fill in “Application From for Changing Class (language student)”, and then switch to new class on the approval of CIE. The “Application From for Changing Class (language student)” is in triplicate: one copy is reserved by the applicant, the other two by Department of International Chinese Language Education (referred to as DICLE hereafter) and College Office of CIE (referred to as College Office hereafter) respectively.

3. The College office will arrange the teaching plan according to “Training Program for International Students Majoring in Chinese Language of China University of Petroleum”; while the DICLE will implement teaching scheme accordingly.

4. At the end of each semester, teachers must submit the examination results to the College Office. The transcript will be in triplicate, one copy is reserved by the teacher, and the other two by DICLE and College Office respectively. The teachers must submit the teaching documents such as exam papers, etc to the College Office.

5. Upon completion of schooling, students will get “Certificate of Accomplishment” if the result is PASS. If the result is FAIL, students could apply for “Certificate of Learning Experience”, confirming their learning experience. Both “Certificate of Accomplishment” and “Certificate of Learning Experience” will be issued by the office of International Education College.

Clause 3  Study Disciplines

1. International students should abide by laws, regulations, and also university rules. Students violating the rules, will be punished in accordance with “Code of Punishment for Disciplinary Offence of International Students”.

2. Students should follow the requirements of the teaching program, attend all the class teachings, laboratory teachings as well as other curricula, and actively participate in the University activities. If the students cannot go to class due to sickness or other reasons, they are required to go through procedures of “Leave Application”. Upon the expiry of leave, report back from leave on time. If the leave has expired yet the students still do not come back to class, they should go through procedures of “Extension Application” with relevant supporting documents attached. Otherwise, it will be regarded as absence.

3. If the students are absent from class for more than one third of the total teaching hours, they are not allowed to sit exams.

4. For sickness or casual leave, students will have to present supporting documents provided by Student Affair Office of the College. If the students did not attend classes without asking for leave or with an unapproved leave, they would be marked as absence.

5. By middle of the semester, if students are absent from classes with no reason for half of the total teaching hours, DICLE will report to the College and take the student as automatic withdrawal.

Clause 4  Supplementary Provisions

This Interim Regulation will be implemented from the date of release. International Education College reserves the right of final interpretation of these regulations.