5. Regulations of Scholarship

Clause 1 The Scholarship for International Students (hereafter referred to as the Scholarship) is established for international students enrolled by China University of Petroleum (East China) to inspire them to work hard in the university. The scholarship evaluation shall be conducted on a fair and open basis.

Clause 2 The University sets up Scholarship for International Students in the university budget.

Clause 3 The Scholarship is open to any international student officially enrolled by China University of Petroleum (East China), who is pursuing degree or attending professional or language training classes for over a year(not including the governmental scholarship students and exchange students by agreement).

Clause 4 The College of International Education delivers the scholarships including Excellent Postgraduate Student Scholarship, Excellent Bachelor Student Scholarship, HSK Scholarship and Individual Scholarship. Individual Scholarship includes Outstanding Arts and PE Scholarship, Outstanding Class Cadre Scholarship, and Ethic Award Scholarship.

Clause 5 Scholarship Evaluation

1. Common Scholarship Requirements

1) Scholarship candidates shall abide by Chinese national and UPC’s law, regulations, codes, who never receive any warning and upper level punishments.

2) Scholarship candidates shall respect teachers, get on well with classmates and care about the class and the University.

3) Scholarship candidates shall work hard and pass all the exams of courses.

4) Scholarship candidates shall abide by the classroom instruction, be outstanding in academic year evaluation without absence and cheating in exams.

5) Scholarship candidates shall be self-sponsored students on their own expense without suspension or extension of their study in last academic year.

6) Scholarship candidates shall never owe any fees, receive punishment and be unregisters in the prevailing academic year.

7) Scholarship candidates shall actively participate in any kinds of activities organized by the University or CIE.

2. Award Standard

1) Excellent Postgraduate Student Scholarship

Candidates are required to own the capability of scientific research and creativity except for high course scores. Doctorate students who apply for 1st prize shall publish papers on official publications in his research field and the date of the published paper shall be in the course of studying in UPC.

1) Doctorate Student Scholarship

1st prize: RMB 10000 Yuan/person

2nd prize: RMB 8000 Yuan/person

3rd prize: RMB 5000 Yuan/person

2) Master’s Student Scholarship

1st prize: RMB 6000 Yuan/person

2nd prize: RMB 4000 Yuan/person

3rd prize: RMB 2000 Yuan/person

2) Excellent Bachelor Student Scholarship

1st prize: RMB 3000 Yuan/person

2nd prize: RMB 2000 Yuan/person

3rd prize: RMB 1000 Yuan/person

3) HSK Scholarship

HSK scholarship is set up to reward students who pass HSK (level 5 and higher) exam during study in UPC.

1) Requirement

Registered students who have studied in UPC for over one academic semester, including postgraduates, bachelors, professional training students, Chinese training students and research scholars and have passed HSK exams at level 5 or 6 could apply for HSK scholarship. Those who pass the same level exam on the second time during study in UPC shall be exempted for HSK scholarship application. Candidates shall submit the photocopy of HSK certificate to Teaching Affairs Office before November 30th each year.

2) Award standard

RMB 1000 Yuan for Level 6

RMB 800 Yuan for Level 5

4) Individual Scholarship

Individual Scholarship is set up to inspire international students who actively participate in activities in PE, arts, those who are the outstanding class cadres, and those who are of high morality.

1) Requirement

Arts and PE Scholarship: those who attend arts or PE competition or performance organized by the nation, Qingdao City or the University and acquire high ranks.

Outstanding Class Cadre Scholarship: those who have worked as monitors or leaders in International Students Union over one academic year and are highly responsible for class affairs, serve students actively, gain respect from the students and help the class get great achievements. In addition, they shall cooperate and support office work, and be recognized by their part-time class teachers and office teachers in international office.

Ethic Award Scholarship: those who offer great help and are rewarded publicly by government, or return a large amount of money to the owner, who sends a letter of praising to CIE.

2) Award standard

Arts and PE Scholarship: RMB 1000 Yuan/person

Outstanding Class Cadre Scholarship: RMB 1000 Yuan/person

Ethic Award Scholarship: RMB 500 Yuan/person 

Clause 6  The above scholarships will be awarded once each academic year.

CIE sets up the scholarship assessment team and organizes the evaluation of the scholarships. The list of prize owners will be publicly displayed for one week.

Clause 7 CIE organizes the awarding ceremony and issues certificates and scholarship to students. The prize winners will be warned or canceled the scholarships if they break the law, regulations or codes of the nation and the University during the scholarship evaluation and issuing.