7. Regulations for Attendance & Exams

These management regulations are established to maintain the management order, to promote teaching quality and students’ accomplishment, to enhance discipline of teaching and to clarify responsibilities of teachers and part-time head teachers.

1. Scope of application:all English-teaching classes of international students.

2. Teachers are responsible for recording attendance of students. Teachers should define the basic requirements of attendance system at the beginning of every semester, and clear how much proportion of attendance accounts for in curriculum evaluation (no less than 10%)

3. Part-time head teachers are responsible for checking the list of students. If head teachers find any abnormal information, they should timely inform Administration Office, and Administration Office will correct information and give back to head teachers.

4. Teachers have responsibilities for the discipline of class and have right to criticize and admonish the students who are late for class and leave early, sleep or play mobile phone in class.

5. Part-time head teachers have responsibilities for communicating with all teachers about attendance and class discipline every week.

6. Part-time head teachers should fill Record of Talks for international students who play truant or break class discipline and then send the record to Students Affairs Office. Students Affairs Office should make corresponding punishment decisions according to Code of Punishment for Disciplinary Offence of International Students.

7. According to International Students’ Handbook, a student who absent for more than 1/3 class hours is not allowed to sit final exam and he will get zero.

8. Teachers should record the attendance of students at least once a week according to the real situation. The ways of checking may be various, such as roll call or quizzes.

9. Students who couldn’t attend class for illness or other reasons must ask for leave from CIE. In case of emergency, they could go through application for leave after class with evidence from clinic. Returning students are required to register in CIE. Those who cannot return in due time should apply for an extension of leave and provide relevant statements or proof to CIE, otherwise, they would be taken as absence from class.

10. Ask for leave for visa: only when the students get relevant statements or certifications from CIE, can they leave.

11. Teachers should send attendance sheets to College Office of CIE for archiving at the end of a course or a semester.

12. Both teachers and head teachers are responsible for supervising the exam, and head teachers aids invigilation. Invigilators should explain the discipline to all international students before the exam and strictly invigilate. Teachers should strictly punish students who break the discipline of exam.

13. If International students break the discipline at the first time, teacher would give warning and deduct certain scores in the final grade; at the second time, teachers would clear the test paper away and grade of this subject would be zero. At the same time, head teachers should send the information of this student to for Students Affairs Office. for Students Affairs Office will give this student corresponding punishments according to Code of Punishment for Disciplinary Offence of International Students.

14. If the student is identified as cheating by invigilator in the exam,his appeal to CIE would not be accepted.