8. Ask for Leave System

In order to strengthen the study discipline and maintain well-organized teaching implementation, the Ask for Leave System is stipulated hereafter.

First, regulations for ask for leave system

1. There are 3 types of absence: leave for personal affairs, sickness leave and official leave.

(1) Leave for personal affairs: Generally students are not allowed to ask for leave because of personal affairs, unless there is a sound reason.

A The authorized leave includes: a, police registration, visa and the embassy affairs; b, family emergency;.

B The unauthorized leave includes: a, family events, such as house appliance or furniture delivery; b, housing matters; c, childcare or family care, or schooling arrangement etc; d, meeting friends or family at the airport or station e, banking business; f, the unofficial holiday flights (such as returning home early at the end of the semester, etc.); g, family celebrations such as wedding.

(2) Sickness leave: If they cannot go to class on time because of physical discomfort, students must bring the hospital certificate to go through the procedures for sickness leave. If the student cannot complete the procedures in time due to sudden indisposition, the head teacher in charge of the class must confirm it, otherwise your request will not be accepted. When you get over sickness, you are required to submit Hospital Certification and relevant testimonial materials (not including: XX clinic, XX pharmacy and other informal medical organizations).

(3) Official leave: If you cannot attend classes because of taking part in the school activity or other local events related to the university, students must provide the relevant certificates to get authorized for leave.

2. The 3 types of absence are only inspected and vetted by college Students Affairs Office. Any permission of leave by other offices or staff is invalid. 3. Apart from the sickness leave, generally you cannot ask for leave during the term examinations. If you have to ask for absence in exams, you are required to apply to the College Teaching Affairs Office in ahead no matter how long the absence would be. If your application is permitted, you can ask for leave from student affairs office.

4. Except for sickness leave, absence should not be more than a week. The total absence time each semester cannot be more than 15 days. Excuse for longer absence is required and vetted under special circumstances.

5. If you travel out of Qingdao, you must write clearly the route of your trip, transportation tools, entourage, contact information and reasons.

Second, permission on ask for leave

1. Asking for leave within a week should be vetted and signed by the teacher of the college Students Affairs Office for approval.

2. Asking for leave for more than a week should be vetted and signed by the dean or deputy dean for approval.

Third, extension of applied absence

If there is a special reason that you can't come back to school on time, you are required to apply to the college Students Affairs Office to extend your absence. If not, you will be regarded as being absent.

Four, report back after absence

You are required to report to the college Students Affairs Office to terminate your absence when you are back to university. Otherwise you will be regarded as absence after the given period.

Five, the others

1. Reasons for leave must be truthful. Any fraud and fault will lead to corresponding punishment depending on the seriousness.

2. If a student breaks the rules of asking for leave, he will be regarded as absence and truancy. The truancy hours is accumulated according to the actual teaching hours every day.

3. This system is formulated and interpreted by the College of International Education.