12. Classroom Order

This rule is stipulated to maintain the classroom discipline and ensure the operation of classroom activities.

1. Classrooms in teaching buildings are managed and coordinated by the university dean’s office.

2. Students are required to enter classrooms in advance before the class begins without early leave and absence. Teachers own the privilege to stop students who are late for 10 minutes attending the class. Students who are late for 15 minutes or leaving 15 minutes earlier will be regarded as absence to that class.

3. Students are required to comply with the classroom discipline, listen to teachers carefully and interact actively. Students are required not to talk, eat and use cellphone in class.

4. Students are required to clean the blackboard before the class.

5. Students are required to keep the classroom, corridor, and wall clean. No spitting, littering and no carving, scribbling and pasting papers on desks, chairs, blackboard and wall. Open fire and improper power usage is prohibited in classrooms. Those who breach the rules are required to terminate the action and compensate for the damage.

6. Students are required not wearing slippers or vest in classrooms. Keep quiet in classroom and corridor so that other students or class could not be disturbed. Smoking is prohibited in classrooms.

7. Students are required to shut off all the lights, fans, windows and doors when leaving the classrooms after class or study.

8. Entertainment activities are prohibited in classrooms except for key festivals or permission by the dean’s office.

9. The furniture and equipment in classrooms are under management of dean’s office. Any unit or person is prohibited to bring anything out of the classroom.