Constitution of IAAUPC

Constitution of International Alumni Association of China University of Petroleum

Chapter One   General Principles

Clause 1  Name  

The full name of the association is International Alumni Association of China University of Petroleum (East China) (hereafter referred to as IAAUPC)

Clause 2  Aims

To enhance the interaction and cooperation between the international alumni of UPC and the university, the College of International Education has founded IAAUPC on the advocacy of international alumni. IAAUPC will abide by Chinese laws and regulations and conduct activities under Chinese social morality.

Clause 3  Property

IAAUPC is an organization founded by students under the jurisdiction of the College of International Education.

Clause 4  Address

IAAUPC is located in Room A0201, the College of International Education, 66 Changjiang West Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao, Shandong Province, 266580, P. R. China. Tel: 86-532-86981271, Fax: 86-532-86983101, email:,

Chapter Two   Missions

Clause 5  Missions

1. to publicize traditions and school mottoes of the university;

2. to enhance interaction and cooperation between alumni and the university;

3. to liaison with the alumni who are visiting the university;

4. to organize commemoration or fellowship activities;

5. to collect international alumni’s suggestions to the university and inspect the assessment on education and management of the university from different walls of society;

6. to accept donations and sponsors to the university and the college according to corresponding regulations;

7. to encourage and support international alumni to undertake technological development, information service, amateur education and social welfare;

8. to contribute articles to the magazine Study at UPC, providing information about international alumni of the university.

Chapter Three   Membership

Clause 6  Membership

1. International graduates, undergraduates, and trainee whoever graduated or didn’t finish the study from UPC or its former institution are all alumni of UPC;

2. All alumni who have registered in IAAUPC and followed the constitution become members of IAAUPC.

Clause 7  Rights and obligations of members

1. Rights of members

a) Right to vote and stand for election of representatives in alumni congress;

b) Right to participate in international alumni activities;

c) Right to obtain publications compiled by IAAUPC;

d) Right to supervise and propose suggestions to activities organized by IAAUPC;

e) Freedom to join or quit IAAUPC.

2. Obligations of members

a) To abide by the constitution of IAAUPC and follow the decisions made by IAAUPC;

b) To complete assignments given by IAAUPC and raise funds for IAAUPC if possible;

c) To keep abreast of the development of IAAUPC and participate in activities organized by IAAUPC;

d) To contribute information and articles to IAAUPC.

Chapter Four  Board of Directors

Clause 8  Board of Directors

A board of directors of IAAUPC comprises of alumni representatives from different countries. A meeting of board of directors is held every other year with a temporary meeting called up by the president or the first vice president. The meeting could also be held in letters by post.

Clause 9  Directors

Directors of the board are recommended or nominated under discussion by board of directors or alumni in different places. The tenure is 4 years and reappointment is available.

Clause 10  Responsibilities of the board of directors

1. To represent IAAUPC as public images;

2. To recommend and elect vice president and president;

3. To discuss and make decision on working principle and other issues of IAAUPC;

4. To interpret and amend the Constitution of IAAUPC.

Chapter Five  President and Secretariat

Clause 11  President

President and vice presidents of IAAUPC are elected by the board of directors with the tenure 4 years. In principle, the president shall be the dean of the College of International Education.

Clause 12  Secretariat

The secretariat comprises of general secretary, vice secretary, and other staff. The general secretary shall be nominated by the College of International Education and shall participate in the work initiated by the board of directors.

Clause 13  Assignments of secretariat

1. To conduct daily work, formulate and implement annual plan under the supervision of the president;

2. To stimulate the contact between alumni and the university, to process data and communication;

3. To help alumni to deliver lectures, business visit, academic exchange or scientific collaboration in university.

Chapter Six  Relationship between all alumni associations and IAAUPC

Clause 14  Regional alumni associations are allowed to be established when there are a great many of alumni in those areas. The associations should be responsible for all the alumni in the areas and the administrative staff should be elected by alumni.

Clause 15  Regional alumni associations are required to establish a close relationship with IAAUPC, but they are not subordinates of IAAUPC.

Chapter Seven  Financial Resources and Appropriation Expenditure

Clause 16  Financial Resources

1. Sponsor from the College of International Education;

2. Donation from alumni, philanthropists and enterprises;

3. Bank interest from funds;

4. Other incomes;

5. The secretariat is required to report the financial balance to the board of directors.

Clause 17  Appropriation Expenditure

1. Office expense and reception for alumni;

2. Expense for academic exchange, scientific development, information consultant and other activities incurred for alumni;

3. Expense for compiling and printing Alumni Communication;

4. Other expense incurred for international alumni.

Chapter Eight  Supplementary Articles

Clause 18  The constitution is voted through representative conference.

Clause 19  The constitution is interpreted by IAAUPC;

Clause 20  The constitution comes into force on the foundation of IAAUPC.