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China University of Petroleum is the proud home to students from multiple ethnicities and cultures and in the hopes of promoting better communication between the university and the students, the International Students Union (ISU) was formed.

With the motto “connecting cultures, bridging borders” the ISU’s main aim is to accomplish this task and in doing so, ensures that every student’s has the best experience during his/her time in China.

·         At the head of the ISU is Sardar Shabaz Akhter and his two vice chairmen Said Abdourahman Said and Sharaiz Khan. These three cooperate to lead the departments of the ISU.

·         The general secretary, Salim Issa, and the vice general secretary, Miiro Nicholas  Joshua, together help run the union by facilitating the activities and meetings of the ISU and managing/keeping track of the information.

The ISU is composed of the following departments;

· The rules and regulations department, headed by Tevin Salvador Nyambali, ensure that the various rules and regulations are followed making the university a vibrant and peaceful environment.

· The sports department, headed by Al-raimi Moahanad Saleh , is responsible for setting up different competitions for the many athletes present in the university thus ensuring they stay fit.

· The communications department, headed by Mohammed Aliyakat Hussein, is responsible for making sure that the various announcements and notices are received by the general public and listening to the suggestions and opinions of the students.

· The music and arts department, headed by Issagulova Minara, is responsible for organizing various forms of entertainment from dances to fashion shows.

· The life department, headed by Nasser khan, is responsible for helping the students overcome the different obstacles they may face during their stay in the university.

· The education department, headed by Stephen Antuony, is responsible for maintaining a good study environment and to come up with intellectually stimulating events and competitions.

· The event management and planning department, headed by Lord k Segbeawu, is responsible for making sure all the events that happen do so effectively and smoothly.

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