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Chinese Local Government Scholarship

Scholarship name: Qingdao Government Scholarshipand QingdaoWest Coast New AreaGovernment Scholarship

This scholarship is merit-based. It aims to sponsor students in Qingdao and QingdaoWest Coast New Area with good conduct, academic performances and social practices.

Scholarship value: CNY 5,000

The scholarship is delivered in one-off subsidyin the fall semester.

Enrolled students can apply for this scholarship afterthe second semester and have chances of winning it every year during their entire studies.


(1) Degree studentsand long-term non-degree students

(2) Students should abide by Chinese laws and university regulations, and not have any record of discipline violations.

(3) Students should not have taken a study suspension or extension in the previous academic year.

(4) Students should have good attendance and academic performances in the previous academic year.

(5) Students should have some volunteer social work experiences in local areas.


Student Affairs Office

College of International Education

Avenue: Room A201 International Student Building

Telephone: 86981271