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Events & Activities

For purposes of enriching the campus life of international students,the College of International Education successfully conducted cultural and extra-curricular activities, established cultural and teaching practice bases, and promoted cross-cultural communications between Chinese students and foreign students such as the followings.

UPC Culture and Arts Festival

UPC Anniversary Celebration Gala

UPC Sports Meet

Christmas and New Year's Gala

International Student Scholarship Award Ceremony

National “Perceive China-Charming Qingdao" cultural experiences

China Bridge Contest

Qingdao Chinese Character Competition

China Arts Competition in the Qingdao West New Area

Voluntary educational and entertaining activities in the Zhushan primary school

Beijing opera, paper-cut and Tai Chi cultural experience activities

Sports Week and Five-a-side football leagues

Mid-Autumn moon cake DIY activities

Spring Festival Annual Meeting and Qingdao Lingzhushan Temple visit

International student SPE Petroleum knowledge contest

Chinese and English speech contest

Dongzhi Festival and dumplings making

With the aim of meeting the needs of the school’s open development and implementing the school’s open development strategy, the college of International Education (CIE) of China University of Petroleum (East China) was established in 2011.CIE is a comprehensive international education institution, integrating the education of foreign students and the international promotion of Chinese, mathematics, management and research.

The college’s management structure is composed of the college office, the academic affairs office, the admission office, the student affairs office, the visa service center, as well as teaching and research institutions such as the department of Chinese international education, Shandong international education research base, and international education research office. The main functions of the college include teaching Chinese as a foreign language, international education research, international enrollment publicity,student affairs management, visa management, dormitory management and so on. Equipped with full-time teachers of profound academic background, rich teaching experience and well based cross-cultural communication skills. The staff have a keen sense of responsibility, enterprising spirit, good communication skills and professional conduct. A significant proportion of faculty members have overseas study and work experience, as well as experiencein international education management and research.