Chinese-medium Master's Programs

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Academic Master's Programs



Research Direction

Length of Schooling/Year

School of Geosciences

Ocean Geology

01 Marine Sedimentology


02 Offshore Oil and Gas Resources

03 Marine Geophysics


01 Seismic Wave Propagation Theories and Imaging

02 Geophysical Theories and Methods of Oil and Gas Reservoir

03 Integrated Geophysics

04 Spatial Information Theories and Methods


01 Mineralogy, Petrology and Ore Deposit Science

02 Structural Geology

03 Geochemistry

04 Paleontology and Stratigraphy

05 Quaternary Geology

Geological Resource and Geological Engineering

01 Oil and Gas Geology and Exploration

02 Oil and Gas Reservoir Development Geology

03 Geological Engineering

04 Theories, Methods and Application of Geophysics

05 Well Logging Theories, Methods and Techniques

06 Earth Information Technology

School of Petroleum Engineering

Oil- Gas Well Engineering

01 Oil and Gas Well Information and Control Engineering

02 Oil and Gas Well Rock Mechanics and Engineering

03 Oil and Gas Well Fluid Mechanics and Engineering

04 Oil and Gas Well Chemistry and Engineering

Oil- Gas Field Development Engineering

01 Oil and Gas Percolation Theories and Methods

02 Oil and Gas Field Development Theories and Methods

03 Oil and Gas Recovery Engineering Theories and Methods

04 Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Theories and Technology

05 Oil and Gas Informatization and Intelligent Development Methods

Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering

01 Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Engineering

02 Hydrate Development Theories and Technology

03 Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering Safety and Environmental Protection

Design and Construction of Naval Architecture & OceanStructures

01 Ships, Marine Structures and Oil-Gas Equipment Design and Manufacturing

02 Ocean Engineering Fluid Dynamics

03 Marine Geotechnical Engineering

College of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology

01 Petrochemical Engineering

02 Energy Chemical Engineering

03 Biochemical Engineering

04 Industrial Catalysis

05 Chemical Engineering

06 Applied Chemistry and Materials Chemical Engineering

Biochemical Engineering

01 Biomaterials Chemistry and Engineering

02 Bioenergy Chemistry and Engineering

03 Biotechnology and Applications

Environmental Science and Engineering

01 Environmental Impact Assessment and Emission Permit Technology

02 Environmental Pollution Control Theories and Technology

03 Environmental Catalysis and Environmental Materials

04 Ecology and Restoration of Environmental Pollution

05 Energy Saving, Emission Reduction and Clean Production Technology

College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

01 Offshore Oil Equipment and Engineering

02 Petroleum Mechanical Engineering

03 Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

04 Mechatronic Engineering

05 Mechanical Design and Theories

Safety Science and Engineering

01 Oil and Gas Safety Engineering

02 Safety Engineering Information Technology

03 Offshore Oil and Gas Safety Technology

04 Chemical Process Safety Engineering

05 Emergency Technology and Management

College of Pipeline and Civil Engineering

Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

01 Oil and Gas Gathering and Transportation Technology

02 Oil and Gas Pipeline and Storage Technology

03 Gas Storage and Transportation System Security Engineering


01 Structural Strength and Reliability

02 Multi-physical Field Coupling Theories and Numerical Methods

03 Oil and Gas Field Underground Engineering Mechanics

Civil Engineering

01 Structural Engineering

02 Geotechnical Engineering

03 Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Protection Engineering

04 Heat, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Engineering

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

01 New Technology of Material Welding

02 Material Corrosion and Protection

03 Metal Failure and Surface Engineering

04 Material Design and Multiscale Simulation

05 Energy Storage and Transformation Materials

06 Functional Films/Porous Materials

School of New Energy

Electrical Engineering

01 Power Electronics and Power Transmission

02 Power System and Automation

03 Motor and Electrical Appliances

04 Electrical Theories and New Technology

05 High Voltage and Insulation

06 Battery and Energy Storage Technology

Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

01 Chemical Process Machinery

02 Thermal Engineering

School of Oceanography and Space Informatics

Science and Technology of Surveying and Mapping

01 Geodesy and Survey Engineering

02 Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

03 Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering

04 Marine Surveying

Information and Communication Engineering

01 Intelligent Information Processing

02 Signal Detection and Processing

03 Next-generation Communications Network Theories and Technology

04 Wireless Communication System and Technology

College of Control Science and Engineering

Control Science and Engineering

01 Control Theories and Control Engineering

02 Detection Technology and Automation

03 System Engineering

04 Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System

College of Computer Science and Technology

Computer Science and Technology

01 Intelligent Information Processing

02 Network and Service Computing

03 Graphic Images and Visualization

04 Data Science and Information System

Software Engineering

01 Software Engineering Theories

02 Software Engineering Technology

03 Software Service Engineering in Oil and Gas Field

School of Economics and Management

Applied Economics

01 Energy Economy and Policy

02 Industrial Economy and Regional Development

03 Resources and Environmental Economy

04 International Economy and Trade

05 Financial Theories and Application

Management Science and Engineering

01 Energy System Management and Policy

02 Management Science Theories and Methods

03 Engineering Management and Project Management

04 Data Science and Information Management

Business Administration

01 Strategic Management and Innovation

02 Marketing

03 Organization and Human Resource Management


01 Study on Financial Accounting and Auditing

02 Theories and Methods of Cost Management Accounting

03 Theories and Methods of Financial Management

College of Science


01 Basic Mathematics

02 Computational Mathematics

03 Applied Mathematics

04 Operational Planning, Control and Optimization

05 Data Science and Information Security


01 Theoretical Physics

02 Condensed Matter Physics

03 Physical Field Detection Methods and Techniques

04 Energy Physics Theories and Techniques


01 Inorganic Chemistry

02 Organic Chemistry

03 Analytical Chemistry

04 Physical Chemistry

05 Energy Chemistry


01 Mathematical Statistics

02 Stochastic Differential Equations and Statistical Inference

03 Statistical Machine Learning

Optical Engineering

01 Optical Sensing and Photoelectric Detection Technology

02 New Photoelectronic Materials and Devices

03 Modern Optical Information Processing Technology

School of Humanities and Law


01 Criminal Law

02 Civil and Commercial Law

03 Economic Law

04 Environment and Resources Protection Law

School of Foreign Studies

Foreign Language and Literature

01 English Linguistics

02 Foreign Language Teaching and Research

03 English Translation Theories and Practice

04 Russian Literature and Culture

School of Marxism Studies

Marxism Theories

01 Basic Principles of Marxism

02 Marxism in Chinese Society

03 Ideological and Political Education

04 Research on Basic Topics of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History

Department of Physical Education

Sports Science

01 Sports Humanistic Sociology

02 Physical Education and Sports Coaching