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Other Visa Issues

Passport Loss

  1. Report to the Visa Office A101

  2. Hand write a statement explaining the passport loss or change in English or Chinese

  3. Submit the copy of passport, copy of JW201/202 (provided by the Visa Office) and the handwritten statement to the Entry-Exit Administration of Qingdao Public Security Bureauand then collect a loss certificate.

  4. Apply to your country’s embassy/consulate in China for a new passport with the loss certificate

  5. Hand in the new passport to the Visa Office and apply for a new residence permit



Short Stay Permit

Students suspending their studies, discontinuing or graduating in advance must change the current permit to a valid short stay permit, which is no more than one month and cannot be used to enter China after leaving. One must leave the country by the expiration date and cannot further extend or change to other kinds of residence permit.

Family Visa

If family members of international students come to China, they can apply for an S1 (long term) or S2 (short term) visa. Chinese embassies/consulates will grant an S1 or S2 visa according to the study duration of the corresponding international student. According to the Chinese law, one with an S1 visa should apply for a residence permit, which has the same validity period with that of the corresponding international student. One with a S2 visa does not need to apply for a residence permit.

If students invite family members to China for private affairs, the university cannot provide any invitation letter for their visa application. Kindly prepare the kinship certificate certified by the Chinese embassy/consulate before entering China. After family members of current students arrive in China, UPC can assist in their residence permit application and other procedures.