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Chinese-medium Bachelor's Programs
College/School Program Length of Schooling/Year
School of Geosciences Resource Exploration Engineering 4
Exploration Technology and Engineering (Geophysical Direction) 4
Geology 4
Geophysics 4
School of Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Engineering 4
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering 4
Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering 4
Carbon Storage Science and Engineering 4
College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering and Techniques 4
Applied Chemistry 4
Environmental Engineering 4
Energy Chemistry Engineering 4
Chemical Safety Engineering 4
Chemistry 4
College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation 4
Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering 4
Security Engineering 4
Vehicle Engineering 4
Industrial Design 4
College of Pipeline and Civil Engineering Oil- Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering 4
Civil Engineering 4
Engineering Mechanics 4
Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering 4
Architecture 5
School of Materials Science and Engineering New Energy Materials and Devices 4
Materials Shaping and Control Engineering 4
Materials Science and Engineering 4
Material Physics 4
Material Chemistry 4
College  of New Energy New Energy Science and Engineering 4
Electrical Engineering and Automation 4
Energy and Power Engineering 4
Process Equipment and Control Engineering 4
Environmental Equipment Engineering 4
Energy Storage Science and Engineering 4
College of Oceanography and Space Informatics Communication Engineering 4
Electronic and Information Engineering 4
Geomatics Engineering 4
Earth Information Science 4
College of Control Science and Engineering Intelligent Sensing Engineering 4
Automation 4
Measurement & Control Technology and Instrumentation 4
College of Computer Science and Technology Computer Science and Technology 4
Software Engineering 4
Intelligent Science and Technology 4
School of Economics and Management Engineering Management 4
Information Management and Information System 4
Accounting 4
Marketing 4
Economics 4
College of Science Information and Computing Science 4
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 4
Applied Physics 4
Opto-Electronics Information Science and Engineering 4
Data Science and Big Data Technology 4
School of Foreign Studies English 4
Russian 4
School of Humanities and Law Law 4
Chinese Language and Literature 4-5
Musicology 4