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Safety Guide

1. Traffic Safety

(1) Bicycle
1) Bicycle is non-motor vehicle which is allowed to run along the bicycle lane.
2) Drunk Riding is prohibited.
3) Carrying passengers is prohibited (except for carrying a kid under 6 years old).
4) Abreast riding is prohibited.
5) Bear in mind that you are not allowed to talk on cellphone, use earphone, or hold an umbrella when riding and slowdown or stop when turning a corner or turning from a path to the main road.
6) You will not be exempted from paying fine or penalty by the traffic police due to your ignorance of the traffic rules.
(2) International students of UPC are not allowed to ride motor vehicles.


(3) Accident Handling
1) Confirm the injury condition and call 120 for ambulance if it is severe. Try to rescue the injured and protect the accident spot. Call 110 and 122 for help. Insurance premium would not be paid if there is no accident certificate written by police.
2) Confirm the name, address and contact number of the accident party.
3) Contact the insurance company at the same time if you are insured.
4) Physical exam is necessary if you are injured. Internal injury usually manifests  after a while.
5) Try to contact the university administrator or your classmates for language interpretation to eliminate any  misunderstanding.
(4) Students are required to take licensed taxis. The rights and interests of the students cannot be protected if a traffic accident happens when they take an unlicensed taxi because they are not registered in the municipal administration.
1) Students are required to abide by traffic rules on the road. Use the pedestrian crossing when crossing the road and follow the traffic signs.
2) Don’t play balls and roller skate on the main road.
3) Don’t listen to music by earphone on the road.
4) Don’t use the motor lane when going through the campus gates.

2. Safety Awareness
(1) Prevention of Thieving
1) Close the window and lock the door when leaving the dormitory.
2) Lock the door for nap at noon or sleep in night.
3) Don’t bring valuables to classroom, library, playground and other public places.
4) Cellphones, purses and other valuables shall not be put into the pockets of outwear to prevent theft or loss.

(2) Prevention of Fire
1) Use electrical appliance according to the instructions.
2) Shut off the electrical appliance when leaving the room.
3) Don’t liter lit cigarette stub.
4) Master the usage of fire extinguisher. Be calm to handle tiny flames and use fire extinguisher to put out a fire.
5) Master the methods to escape from fire hazards. Evacuate from the scene of fire orderly to prevent the occurrence of secondary harm.

(3) Prevention of Accidental Injury
1) Drinking could trigger argument and injury everywhere.
2) Don’t swim without permission. It is prohibited to swim in a deserted coast. Swimming is allowed only at open coast with security patrolling.