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Foundation Program

Foundation Program is stipulated according to the Notice on Promoting Preparatory Education for International Undergraduate Students with Chinese Government Scholarship (Ministry of Education, March 2009), in combination with the real need of ensuring training quality and helping international students adapt to major education.

New students receive either an Unconditional Admission Notice or a Conditional Admission Notice. College of International Education organizes an entrance examination for new students with a Conditional Admission Notice. Students who fail the exam are required to attend preparatory courses.

Entrance Examination Subjects

1.Subjects of entrance examination for science and engineering: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English (English-teaching majors), Chinese (Chinese-teaching majors).

2.Subjects of entrance examination for economics and management: Mathematics, English (English-teaching majors), Chinese (Chinese-teaching majors).

3.Subjects of entrance examination for literature, history, philosophy: English (English-teaching majors), Chinese (Chinese-teaching majors).

Assessment Criteria

1.The total score for science and engineering should be no less than 280 points, for language subjects no less than 70 points, and the lowest score of single subject no less than 50 points.

2.The total score for economics and management should be no less than 150, for language subjects no less than 70 points, and the lowest score of single subject no less than 50 points.

3. The score for literature, history and philosophy: language scores should be no less than 85 points.

Exemption Conditions

The following students can have exemption of related subjects:

1. Students with an Unconditional Admission Notice can have exemption of preparatory education.

2. Chinese-instructed students who have HSK-4 can have exemption of Chinese test.

English-instructed students who have TOEFL above 75 points or IELTS above score 6.0, can be exempted from the English test.

Duration of Study & Curriculum and Teaching Mode

(1) Duration of Study

Generally, duration of study is one semester (six months). For the students who could not reach the standard for professional knowledge learning, the duration of study must be extended, but no more than one year.

(2) Curriculum and Teaching Mode

Language teaching, together with expertise teaching will be implemented in an intensive way.

The courses of preparatory education include Chinese language, basic courses and English. Among them, Chinese language courses include ordinary Chinese and technological Chinese; fundamental courses include mathematics, chemistry, and physics, etc.

Foundation Program for one semester is no less than 300 hours. Prescribed teaching hours of each subject is as follows:


Prescribed Teaching Hours








96 (ordinary Chinese 64, technological Chinese 32)



Computer Basics


Final Assessment

At the end of the foundation program, students can go on to study the major courses only by passing all the required examinations. Otherwise, students are required to study in the foundation program for a second time. If students fail the examinations after the one-year foundation program, the university would cancel their admission qualification. The subjects and standards of assessment are the same with entrance examinations.