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Student Unions & Clubs

International Student Union

The International Student Union (ISU) aims at liaising between the College of International Education and international students, representing and speaking for all international students, and organizing various academic and social events and activities for international students. ISU is made up of six departments i.e. the event management department, public relations department, education department, journalism department, student affairs department, sports department and entertainments department. The leadership structure is made up of the chairman, vice chairman, secretary general, counselor and country leaders.

Student Associationsand Clubs

Enrolled international students automatically become members of the Student Union or Graduate Student Union of China University of Petroleum. UPC has more than 130 student associations and clubs, which usually recruit new members in September of each year. Campus bulletin boards often display upcoming student activities, cultural events and various competitions. UPC encourages international students to join associations of interest, participate in a variety of campus activities and show their aspirations.

International students can form their own associations and clubs. A written application should be submitted to the University for approval. The established association or club must abide by national laws as well as the University rules and regulations. Currently, such associations include the Chess Association, the Readers Association, the Debate Club, the Basketball Club, the Football Club and Volleyball Club.