Chinese-medium Master's Programs

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Professional Master's Programs



Research Direction

Length of Schooling/Year

School of Geosciences

Resources and Environment

Oil-Gas Resources and Geological Engineering


Oil-Gas Geophysical Engineering

School of Petroleum Engineering


Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Resources and Environment

Oil and Natural Gas Engineering

College of Chemical Engineering

Materials and Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Material Chemistry and Engineering

Chemical Engineering Safety

Resources and Environment

Environmental Engineering

Biology and Medicine

Biotechnology and Bioenigineering

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Resources and Environment

Safety Engineering

College of Storage, Transportation and Construction Engineering

Energy and Power

Oil- Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

Civil Engineering and Hydraulics

Civil Engineering

Heat, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Gas Supply Engineering

Architectural Design

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials and Chemical Engineering

Materials Genetic Engineering

Energy and Equipment Materials Engineering

Energy and Power

Energy Materials Engineering

College of New Energy

Energy and Power

Energy power and equipment engineering

Electrical Engineering

School of Oceanography and Space Informatics

Electronic Information

Intelligent Information Processing

Modern Electronic System Design

Resources and Environment

Geomatics and Ocean Information Engineering

College of Control Science and Engineering

Electronic Information

Detection Technology and Control Engineering

School of Computer Science and Technology

Electronic Information

Computer Technology

Software Engineering

School of Economics and Management


Energy Finance

Wealth Management

Financial Market

Industrial Engineering and Management

System Optimization and Decision Support

Production Management and Cost Control

Project Management and Engineering Management

Modern Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Financial Accounting and Capital Market

Financial Management and Cost Management

Internal Control and Audit

College of Science


Stochastic Differential Equations and Statistical Inference

Data Science and Financial Statistics

Big Data Processing and Analysis

School of Foreign Studies

English Translation

English for Science and Technology Translation

English Interpretation

International Cooporation and Business

Russian Translation

Russian for Science and Technology Translation

School of Humanities and Law

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages Theories and Practice

Chinese Ontology Studies on Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Cross-Cultural Communication Studies


Civil and Commercial Law and Practice

Economic Law and Practice

Administrative Law and Practice

Criminal Law and Policy

Environmental Energy Law and Policy